Good news from Uganda

Good results from first FFBI Session
We were looking forward to our second session of Frontier Force Bible Institute for many reasons. We were excited about the material we would be presenting and were praying that our Ugandan leadership would be as excited as we were. We brought a team from Vintage Grace church in El Dorado Hills with us and would be introducing them to the work that God is doing in rural Uganda. We always love greeting the believers from our 9 churches that we have come to know and love over the years. And we were curious about follow up from our first session from May.
Our May session was on Biblical Foundations for Assessing and Growing Healthy Churches. We studied how to assess our churches and how to build health and stability into our ministries. We began our current sessions with a time for each of the church leadership teams to report on how they were able to apply the teaching from the previous session. We were overwhelmed with the excitement and good reports of what happened over the summer. Pastor Sam reported that he was able to bring more balance to his preaching based on what we learned. Robert and William from Nyenda Island shared about how they learned that Jesus was the head and owner of the church and not the pastors. God blessed them with 2 new converts right away and the church members have been more consistent in sharing responsibility. The Kanalaki church bean to focus on “Waggulu, Munda and Ebwero, the upward, inward and outward callings of the church instead of the difficulties they are facing. They reported that this new attitude has led to attendance nearly doubling. Each of the churches reported similar results and they were excited about this new session of Frontier Force Bible Institute.
We are very encouraged by the initial response to Frontier Force Bible Institute and look forward to seeing how God will continue to grow healthy churches here in the rural villages of Uganda.

22 Baptized at Ssezibwa Falls

Tuesday afternoon was a great celebration as 22 believers from Madudu House of Prayer entered the waters below Ssezibwa falls to be baptized.  Here is a video of Cyprian and Margaret’s children Promise and Paul being baptized.

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