Powerful and Influential Prayer

Powerful and Influential Prayer

We arrived at Entebbe airport in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday May 10 and travelled Entebbe Road to Cyprian and Margaret’s home just before the excitement began. Thursday was the day that the re-elected president would be sworn in to office. There were heads of state from 7 African countries as well as officials from Europe and America coming through Entebbe to attend the ceremonies. It was a great opportunity for protests and demonstrations and we heard reports of road closures, Police action and tear gas.

Cyprian is a leader of a group of pastors who have set up weekly prayer alters to pray for political leaders and for Christians in places of authority to have an impact in Ugandan society. The President has taken note of their activities and is appreciative of their efforts. Cyprian is among a group of Christian leaders who were invited to a state dinner on the eve of the inauguration and their leader was asked to offer a prayer for the dinner and the events of the week.

This dinner was an exclusive event reserved for only the most important people, yet through faithful and consistent prayer, Cyprian and 4 other evangelical pastors found themselves counted among the powerful and influential. Dr.Joshua Lwere, director of the National Fellowship of Born Again Pastors was given the opportunity to have an audience with the president a while ago and his approach was quite different than other religious leaders who had the same opportunity. Other leaders always showed up with a long list of what they needed from the government, but Joshua came asking “How can we be of service to our government”? We want to know how to pray for you. As ambassadors of the Kingdom of God these Ugandan pastors understand which Kingdom is greater.

What a great honor for Cyprian and a small group of faithful pastors to be recognized as Ambassadors of the High King of Glory.

Our time in Uganda has been spent preparing for the launch of Frontier Force Bible Institute on Monday the 16th. We also visited the Bulubakulu church and taught from the word. We purchased and delivered 1,500 eucalyptus seedlings to Zorobwe to be planted on the clinic property. These seedlings will grow quickly and within a few years return 10 fold on the original investment. We also met with the owner of a new building on the main road from Kampala to Kenya where we hope to open a new Bridal Boutique.

We will be teaching at the Bugero House of Prayer on Sunday and the next morning begin a very full week of teaching from the Word on establishing and maintaining healthy churches.

Thank you for your prayers, friendship and support.

Serving with Jesus Joy
Andy and Kathy


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