Jet Lagged but Joyful



KLM 606 – Somewhere over Greenland

We are excited and exhausted, jet-lagged and joyful, hopeful and humbled that God would allow us to participate in the Great Commission by traveling to “the ends of the earth” to serve Him.

One of the questions that we often hear is “Are you going to move to Africa”.  It’s a great question and one that we have been asking ourselves for many months.  When answering difficult questions it is sometimes helpful to begin by asking a different question.

Over the past 9 months I have asked the question “Is it best for us to move to Africa or to make several visits each year”?  I asked this question of many Westerners as well as Africans and an intriguing pattern emerged.  Most of my American friends thought it best to move to Uganda and learn the language and culture, but every one of the 20+ African church and mission leaders I talked to said the opposite.

I had a conversation about this idea with some African colleagues that I serve with on the national committee of Ethnic America Network Dr. Peter Asiamah (Ghana) and Dr. Moses Neumann (Nigeria).  They reminded me that God has accomplished a great work with Frontier Force Christian Ministries over the past 12 years with us coming and going, so why change?  Moses said “You will always be welcome when you come and go, but if you stay it will change the dynamic”.

Cyprian shared the same thoughts with me and we agree that we can accomplish what God has given us to do by following the Apostle Paul whose ministry was characterized by missionary journeys.

We love being in Africa and are always blessed by the time spent in the Word, Worship, Fellowship and service with our FFCM brothers and sisters.  We will be in Uganda from May 9 through May 30.

We leave San Francisco on Monday at 1:55pm and arrive in Uganda on Wednesday at 2:00 am.  We will be excited and exhausted, jet-lagged and joyful, hopeful and humbled but thankful to be serving in the Kingdom of God.

Prayer requests
  • Safe travels for us and those who will attend the Institute.
  • Good health for all.
  • that God would be honored and the Church in Uganda will be strengthened.
  • Wisdom as we explore new areas and new ministry initiatives.
  • We are praying for additional Bible teachers who would like to join us and teach in the Frontier Force Bible Institute



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